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A Few Ideas for Your Landscape Design Business

small business Aug 17, 2018

Everybody has them- those great ideas that are going to revolutionize their business. People often say, "Man if I could just do a few simple things to make this business better- THEN it would be successful." The fact is that we all have great ideas and often they come from the least expected places.

Today we want to share with you four simple tips that could save you thousands and help you really stand out in the landscape design market. These words of wisdom come from years of experience in a multitude of office settings and why some companies seem to get it and some don't.

No matter what size your business is, do these four things:

#1 - Create a Culture of Continual Improvement - Never be satisfied with where you are and always keep looking for new ideas to improve your business. Don't be afraid to try new things. If you fail- GREAT, that just means you know that way didn't work and you can adapt and evolve using a different method.

One of our favorite quotes is, "failure is proof you are trying."  We always ask for new ideas from those around us and reward those who step up with advice. By creating a culture of improvement and asking for new ideas- you build trust with your team and allow them to share in its success!

#2 - Communicate What is Important at Your Business - This is a great habit to cultivate on a daily basis. We like to share our vision statement every chance we get as it allows us to share what’s important to our business and a great way for our clients to see what matters most.  

“Plans for the Future is an online consulting business who provides high-quality proven content and results-driven products for small business owners in the landscape design industry.”

If you are sitting there thinking, "Vision statement, I don't have one of those..." GO CREATE ONE!! By sharing your vision for the business, you set yourself up for success and have a way to test every decision you make. By communicating what is important, you clearly explain what behaviors are encouraged and then you can reward those in your office who follow and add to it. "You can't know where you're headed without a finish line in sight."

#3 - Listen Well - All the successful people we know do this very well. If we listen to our clients they will tell us exactly what they want. Pretty simple right? And this carries to every aspect of your life whether it be business or personal. Being "slow to speak" is a great way to start listening.

#4 - Trust Those you Hire - So you spent countless hours thinking about hiring another team member, weeks perfecting a job listing, a month sifting through the resumes and portfolios, even more, hours interviewing the top 5 and then you hire the perfect candidate. By deductive logic this should mean that you trust them, right? Unfortunately, we have seen this isn't the case with a lot of business owners we have coached.

Our advice, take it or leave it, is that the lack of trust isn't with them- it's with yourself. We suggest learning this hard lesson by listening to and following what your team has to say. Ask them on a regular basis what they think and discover areas for improvement. This often missed opportunity is a great way to improve your business, build trust, and at the same time get great insight from your "TRUSTED" team members.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas? Do you have any additional ones that you have tried? What type of culture do you promote in your business?



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