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Uncategorized Jun 05, 2018

Since 2012, Township Design has provided high end landscape design services for the residential market from the coastal dunes of Florida to the tall peaks of Colorado and beautiful green hillsides of Northwest Arkansas.

Through custom landscape designs my vision was to connect every client to the outdoors but most importantly to serve. If you're one of the many clients reading this, you have been the most enjoyable part of my professional journey and none of this would have been possible without you!

Township Design was responsible for 116 unique projects involving hardscape design, planting design, irrigation, lighting, three dimensional modeling, water features, pool design, pergolas, fire elements, pathways, stone walls and even maintenance specifications (read more here).

Today Township Design is being repurposed. 

I want to share that after several months of careful contemplation, I have decided to chase a dream and return to Florida where my professional roots began and create a unique consulting firm focused on mentoring young residential landscape design startups.

For those who know me well, you know that I love to mentor people. From sharing simple office techniques that increase profits, to assisting startups with standardization and business growth strategies, I have realized my calling is to now share my experiences as a small business owner and help make others successful. This has been a common theme I have heard my whole life, my ikigai!  

This dream is why when people ask, "what do you do for a living?" I always answer, "I create things, but I am formally trained as a landscape designer!" Creating is what I live to do. I have discovered that my craft, you know that thing that provides that “excited to get out of bed feeling” in the morning has always been best realized through creating success for others. It's one of the main reasons I became a landscape designer and now I want to assist others to do the same!

Without further AdieuI give you…Plans for the Future

An online consulting business who provides high quality proven content and results driven courses, mentorship and done for you products for small business owners in the landscape design industry.

My goal is that Plans for the Future will be a vehicle to share all that I have learned with the small home based landscape design community by offering free resources, online training courses, and personal one on one mentoring. I have already received tremendous feedback through our private Facebook Group The Landscape Studio Startup and I look forward to seeing many more successes soon.

All this to say, I'm not disappearing, just heading south to a warmer climate to hone my skills in a different craft. That's not to say I won't do an occasional residential design here and there either and if that's your need feel free to give me a shout at [email protected] :)

Since you have read this far... I want to share a simple truth with you.

There is an ancient story about a self made man with many successes but finds himself in trouble when he runs into something greater than himself. He learns through adversity that it's not about being self made but about being re-made and placing the focus of his life on the service and success of others. This is what I learned with Township Design. This is how I learned my true purpose.  

One chapter closes, another opens.

Thank you again for the opportunity. Township Design was a blast.

David Schmidt, Township Design Founder & Closer


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